Kirin Robinson Interview, future of Old School Hack editions

Check out an interview with Kirin Robinson here, for more insight into the Old School Hack game’s relationship with the ENnies.

In the interview, he says:

The Old School Hack that’s out there is still just the Beta – there’s a “Full” Basic game I’m about halfway done with. There’s a mass of notes that make up the next tier of the Game – the Heroic Tier – that I’m itching to start playtesting.

I have really mixed feelings about this. I don’t think many (if any) of the Fictive concepts and interpretations will show up in the new game he’s “halfway done with.”  (If they do, they will be implemented differently.) I have tried to keep my version compatible with the original with only minor tweaking. I suspect the “Full Basic game” and the “Heroic Tier” will go in directions not telegraphed by my work.

I’m making great supplements for the current edition right before the next edition comes out. Sure, some retro people may still use it, but most will go on to the new version that is not compatible with my project.

I would have liked to have some kind of exchange and input besides the forum, but that’s not something I’m entitled to, and my work is out there and can speak for itself, to the people who have downloaded it and looked through it.

Just like all changes in role playing games, you have the books from the older edition and can keep playing it, but there is this sense of disconnect when the editions roll on and you don’t keep up with them.

I picked a small free online game to build upon because I think it is neat. It really shouldn’t bother me that the world keeps turning and my work will be rendered obsolete to those who want to play with the current version. I mean, fewer than 150 downloads of “Fictive’s Talents and Templates, 2012 Edition,” so it’s not like a huge fanbase will be affected.

I can’t predict whether I’ll keep working on the older chassis, or the newer one when it comes out. Just have to wait and see. But it makes a big difference for what happens on this blog, I guess. Continuing to work on an older version will likely dry up interest in what I’m doing.

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3 Responses to Kirin Robinson Interview, future of Old School Hack editions

  1. m.s. jackson says:

    I think your work has been really great, and I would not be surprised if Kirin borrows some of your ideas for the final version.

  2. kirin says:

    Oh man, you basically have absolutely nothing to worry about!

    Vast majority of the changes to the Final Basic set are presentational, with only the most minor talent tweaking, and some added advice & charts for making adventures. There should be zero “compatibility” issues if that’s what’s got you nibbling a nail or two. I’m including blank class templates too, so it should be very easy to update your stuff to the new look if that’s something you want to do.

    And something I want to be absolutely clear about – even if you did end up offshooting or going in a different direction than I do (and you’re already playing around with some interesting complexities on a level I probably won’t be, and that’s JUST FINE), as far as I’m concerned, your version of Old School Hack is every bit as legitimate as mine would be. I mean, “Hack” is literally in the NAME OF THE GAME.

    I’ve hacked a game to do something I like and have put it out there for anyone to do with what they will, you’ve hacked my stuff and put it out there, Jackson’s got his tweaks, someone else can play with what we’ve done and make it their own or make something new with it, and none of these different versions have to fight with each other – because from the ground up there’s faith in the gamers that want to play with this stuff that it’s up to them to make the game they want out of it ANYWAY.

    What’s important to me is that you – or anyone else playing OSH for that matter – feel OKAY about changing the game to suit their needs. Hack the shit out of this, please! There is no “official” version of Old School Hack except for, well, the one you want to play.


  3. fictivite says:

    As always, I appreciate support from you guys.

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