Maptacular Monday: Preview of “Selukaan’s Book” Scenario

I’ve continued work on my geomorph stocking project, and a test along the way is a scenario called “Selukaan’s Book.” Here is the teaser paragraph:

In the fog-buried roots of the Bolsaar Mountains, a range of geysers hides the entrance to a legendary stronghold. The Magnificent Hall was built by the mythic Selukaan, a reptilian wizard-priest who vanished over four centuries ago. Somewhere within is his book on an alien plane of existence visited by few from this world, priceless in theory. You have some idea of what price you can get…

This adventure is intended for about 4-7 beginning characters, using “Fictive’s Talents and Templates.”

The map was built using the gemorphs from the Dungeonmorph Dice project. It will be delivered in a format resembling the one I used for the Lopelia Alchemal Fortress Ruin. I built the geomorph table in Word and adjusted the document in Photoshop. Keying the map works according to the system I put forth in this post.  Here’s the map:

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