“Selukaan’s Book” Preview: Character Motivation

Continuing from the map preview yesterday, here are some ways to frame the adventure to motivate the characters to go in.

The Mission

There are a number of different ways to frame this adventure, depending on your preference and group.

Personal Interest. The leaders (or influential members) of the group are either Aglatch wizards or shokoro, in any case invested in finding the lost stronghold of a legend from their bedtime stories. Selukaan’s Book of Kelrubia is sort of a lifelong ambition to touch, a holy book, a legend. It belongs in proper hands. The Ammanassi cabal has been hinting that they found it, and you know where they are—best get it before they can get the book to somewhere hidden.

Bounders. Lord Mechlia’s lands back up to the Bolsaar Mountains, and while he would normally welcome a cabal of wizards to settle in his lands, Ammanassi was rude to him—smug, arrogant, condescending, and threatening all at once. It would not hurt Lord Mechlia’s feelings to see them taken down a peg so they’d decide to leave, or if one of the many dangers of the mountains found them unprepared. Since you were never there, keep whatever you find.

Rival Cabal. The group was hired by Magus Whirrie, a fat wizard in Kefflisk, leader of the local Aglatch Guildtower. Ammanassi is a menace, a freelance researcher. Magus Whirrie wants him put in his place—but never mind that, at all costs, get the book for the collection. They’ll buy anything else valuable the group brings them, for a fair price, keeping their names out of it.

Opportunists. Apparently Magus Whirrie, leader of the Aglatch Guildtower in Kefflisk, is in a jurisdictional dispute with Lord Mechlia about who deals with the Ammanassi cabal; wizards, or lands? Therefore, it is likely that they’d be too focused on each other to do much useful investigation if a well-armed band helped themselves to whatever the Ammanassi cabal’s isolated and lightly defended outpost might lose. A fence in Kefflisk, Uravian, promises to buy anything valuable for a fair price that includes his discretion.

Nesting. You are looking for a new base, and a hidden fort protected by magic and geysers sounds good. Clear it out and take possession.

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One Response to “Selukaan’s Book” Preview: Character Motivation

  1. makamo says:

    Sounds like a full blown adventure just waiting to happen. 🙂

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