Maptacular Monday–OSH Setting: Alanar River Valley

Here is a setting that can serve as a little corner of the world, begging for elaboration and adventure. I’ll show some different things you can do with it. However, for a start, here is the Alanar River Valley.

The .pdf has a brief summary, geographical features, settlements (with rulers, protectors, and locations of interest,) and a full size map. All in five pages.

Alanar River Valley Setting

Here is a summary:

Ten years ago, the Baffram Navy clashed with the Shokoro enclave known as the Voria. The Voria blocked travel to an island chain, it was taboo in their culture. The Baffram navy defeated them, and awarded land to veterans. Eight years ago, on the biggest island (Kolia), a veteran named Lord Cromatch led an effort to settle a fertile river valley. Now almost two thousand people live in the valley.

 Hemmed in by the Cradle Mountains on the north, west, and south, the curving valley is flanked to the east by highlands that crumble down cliffs towards the river. The Khavor Highlands and the Shekmell Marsh have enclaves of shokoro, but they are not connected to the Voria, and they are primitive in their weapons, world view, and traditions.

 Connected to the interior by the Hylar Trade Route, and to the sea by Alan’s Port at the mouth of the river, the valley is isolated from conflicts but still in touch with the wider world.

It’s true that yesterday I sort of staged a bit of a zombie apocalypse there, but I’ll also be exploring other ways to use this setting in a more…sustainable fashion. Not that you couldn’t do a zombie apocalypse there and still have lots of ongoing adventures among the undead! But that’s something you could do when you got bored with it being all in one piece.

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