OSH Pantheon: Canticles of Selfishness.

This one is a little unusual, perhaps; Boomaxle is a god of the Magnificent Self. Yes, be philanthropic, if it makes you feel good and you like the reputation! Yes, sacrifice for another, if you value the feeling of their love more than what you gave up! Do what makes you feel good, what makes you closer to your ideal self.

This could be used for good, or twisted for evil, in a number of highly entertaining ways. I imagine one way or another, after traveling with one of these clerics, you’d certainly find them memorable…

Canticles of Selfishness

Why a halberd for the sacred weapon? You can hang a lantern on it, to shed more light, to see and be seen. You get +1 AC as a reach weapon. You don’t have to get close to others to help or hurt them. Yeah, I’m deep.

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