OSH: Overlay Templates

I admit it, I’ve done some wacky stuff for Old School Hack. And now I’ve got a whole other dimension of wackiness to share with you all.

I am giving this its own post, so I can link back to it, but there are several overlay templates to come. I think this is going to be a real hit.

Overlay Templates

Sometimes supernatural remarkable things happen to people. Overlay templates represent a magical condition afflicting a character. Examples include becoming a vampire, or a werewolf, or finding out you are an immortal.

Requirement to Level. Under the influence of an overlay template, a character must spend 15 Awesome Points to level up instead of 12. This does not affect previous leveling, and if the overlay template is somehow removed, the requirement to level returns to 12.

Inherent Abilities and Limitations. As soon as the overlay template applies, the character gains the inherent ability of the overlay template, as well as any limitations.

 Talents. You can spend 3 Awesome Points to access talents from the overlay just like you can for your base template. Taking talents from the overlay when you level does not count as a base template talent or a cross-template talent.



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