B/X Companion sold out.

Looks like the B/X Blackrazor’s B/X Companion is sold out. I have wanted to see the interior of this book since I found out about it, but his model with the huge price tag for a skinny booklet was just too damn prohibitive.

I hope he does come up with a .pdf, and that it’s priced for the curious and not for die-hards with lots of discretionary income. The ideas sound interesting, the premise is good, and I think there are probably inspirational things in there. But there is just no way I could justify dropping dozens of dollars on a 64 page booklet for a game I don’t (and won’t) actually play, especially in this age of print-on-demand. I figure his next project will be just as expensive for just as few pages, as he has defended his model in past posts.

Anyway, I’d say, “Check this out!” but I haven’t been able to, and now you can’t either.

(For some reason, his blog still won’t take my comments. It’s a technology thing; where it used to ask a verifying question, now it just reloads the page with the draft comment and doesn’t post it…)

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One Response to B/X Companion sold out.

  1. Kaiju says:

    That may be a browser issue. Sometimes I have to use IE, sometimes Chrome to post a Blogger comment.

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