“Fictive’s Portable Pantheon, 2012” is almost done.

I’ve been working on a book to turbo-charge the support for Old School Hack deities. Last week I finished all the templates for the 18 gods, they’ll be going up on the blog on a schedule as I continue working on the book in the background.

I would like to have people willing to edit or review. Any takers?

Here is my table of contents, with some explanations added.

How to Use This Book (General guidance on how to use this material; don’t try to stuff it in all at once, but pace yourself. Focus on groups that worship the gods, not on the gods themselves. Be flexible.)

 Divine Mechanics (Explaining how divine talents work, and a summary of how all the talents work. Recap from “Talents and Templates.”)

 Cleric Template [This is the base template for all these spell lists.]

The Pantheon     [Italics for the Ascendant Five, led by Saegrak]

  1.  Aretchya          Goddess of the Cosmic Flow (actually starts with “2” so you can randomize on 2d10, but you get the idea.)
  2. Boomaxle         God of the Magnificent Self
  3. Cyclaria           Goddess of the Pale Night
  4. Dufell               Goddess of the World’s Depths
  5. Elevhia            Deity of Greenery
  6. Fylsifias           Deity of Deception
  7. Geldurk            God of War
  8. Inspyria           Deity of Inspiration
  9. Kytanlisk         Deity of Carapaces
  10. Mulvisk           God of the Open Road
  11. Nihlos              Goddess of Death
  12. Oblivorix         Deity of Oblivion
  13. Preyvask          Goddess of the Hunt
  14. Saegrak            Goddess of the Sky
  15. Solastian          God of the Sun
  16. Soothotcha       God of Wounds
  17. Thogro             Deity of the Sea
  18. Urmia              God of Civilization
  19. Unknown God(s)

 Inhuman Clerics (I suggest using cleric as an overlay template for other races, or just giving them some spell talents to show they’re blessed.)

 Chapters, Churches, Cults, Orders, and Temples (A cool way to randomly generate a faction of worshipers.)

 Making Religious Conflicts (A cool way to randomize the circumstances leading to religious factions being in conflict, and thereby generating opportunities for player character adventures.)

 An History of Energy in the Breathing World

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