OSH reflecton on longevity.

Timothy the Tulip has been played in six games. I expect he’ll face the dragon soon; at the end of the session after next, total 8 sessions. Then his arc will be finished, and he’ll retire (or be dead.) I figure he’ll likely be about 12th level when that happens. He is 9th level now.

What has he been up to?

  • First. He meets up with someone who knows a wizard who is looking for a dragon’s lair, and gets involved.
  • Second. He joins an expedition to get into a long-dead hero’s trophy room to learn the location of the dragon’s lair.
  • Third. Traveling towards a port where he can get passage closer to the dragon’s lair, he is sidetracked into a dungeon crawl to earn some cash.
  • Fourth. He travels the dangerous last leg of the road to the port city.
  • Fifth. He rescues a scholar familiar with the dragon’s lair from a prison, and acquires a pirate ship to work out transporting treasure.
  • Sixth. He gets to the island with the lair on it, and begins searching for a way in through the magically sealed back door of the lair.

I’m really glad we could give him room to run that way. If we had to stop at 4th level, we would have to either confront a dragon pretty much right away, or stick to smaller stories. The process of finding out about the hoard, then finding its location, getting together resources (like the cannon, a pirate ship, a scholar specialist, and so on) allows them to do some preliminary background, and now they’re scouting for a back door. By the time they get to the dragon, it’ll be a pretty cool climax.

He has 4 gladiator talents (and 1 improved, so 5 slots) and 4 talents from other templates. By now all his attributes are positives. He has spent thousands of gold. I like defining his time by a story, instead of by level. Could we keep him in circulation? Sure we could! But there are other characters to try.

No one else has played a single character through all the sessions he’s been in; he adopted the dragon killing as his goal, and that’s provided a direction for the games, and others can drop in or out as desired (since it is open table.) We just don’t do dragon hunting games if Paul can’t make it. Some have played multiple characters crossing his path as he has continued on towards his goal.

As far as I know, this is the single most played OSH character in the world.

I was looking at my Friday schedule. We play every other week. I’ve got two main games in that slot. Of 26 possible sessions scheduled, that’s 10 of each of my 2 primary and 6 of anything else. (Then there are the Saturday games, probably 10 total.) That sounds like a lot until you realize it is a whole year. Then, planning to run a character 8 sessions doesn’t seem like a puny number at all. Playing every other week, that’s 4-5 months of gaming.

No point, really, just thinking over longevity and the pros and cons of the arc model. I return you to your regularly scheduled internet.

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