“Portable Pantheon 2012” is released!

Fictive’s Portable Pantheon 2012

Hooray!I give to you, the Internet and its denizens, a book of 18 exciting gods, and a way to represent other methods of divine intervention in the world.

Also included is a way to make religious organizations, and even a way to pit those organizations against each other to provide interesting background conflicts.

Finally, a history of the Breathing World so you have a backdrop for the ideology and theology of the game world–flexible enough for you to do your own thing, but providing enough structure that players can get a sense they’re part of something bigger.

We have 6 male gods, 6 female gods, and 6 gods that are neither; of those 6, 3 are androgynous and 3 are sexless. Anyway, there are 100 new talents provided, so if you want to make your own pantheon you should have plenty of inspiration for mixing and matching divine magics.

The gods are presented as not focused on good or evil, but instead focused on subjects of interest; it is their organizations in the world that can be good or evil depending on their interpretation and implementation of what they think their god wants. This should provide a far deeper depth of play, and endless possibility for conflicts and alliances.

I started this blog in large part because I wanted to give back to the OSR community. I don’t know that I’ve done that very well, but I do feel that I have given great support to the Old School Hack community. I hope you find this book exciting, I hope it fires up your imagination, and I hope it adds wonderful fun to your game worlds.

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