OSH Pantheon: Canticles of Green

Believe it or not, this is the 18th god in the pantheon; along with the Unknown God(s) talent list, now you can roll 2d10 to randomize. That’s pretty cool! Check out the collection of all these deities as well as some neat stuff to do with them, in “Fictive’s Portable Pantheon, 2012.” It’s catchy, it’s descriptive, and it’s free.

Here is Elevhia, a nature god. Need a cult dedicated to wiping out the farmers and woodsmen of your frontier town? These guys are up for it. Want to have big fights without a lot of blood? These guys can animate plants! Want to play a character who doesn’t need to eat? Here it is. And you can even bless fields and marriages so they produce! So we have all kinds of druidy goodness.

Canticles of Green

"Druid" by David Reuss

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