So what is next for Old School Hack: the Fictive Way?

“Fictive’s Portable Pantheon 2012” is out, and a smashing 18 deities as well as room to make obscure ones, and religious groups, and conflicts, and a history of the world by epoch. (And a poster!)

I have finished “Fictive’s Talents and Templates 2012” and promised to leave it alone for a year. (Hm; next year, maybe I’ll chuck another 9 templates in and update some little systems like standing watch…)

Here are some books I have thought about developing, with a tentative order.

  • Adaptation of “The Challenge of the Frog God.” Taking the basic sandbox Dyson Logos offered up, and adjusting it for Old School Hack while elaborating and shifting some of it to better fit the Fictive Way.
    • We are playing it before it is done. Here is the adventure report from the first foray.
  • “Legend of Hyrule.” Yeah, Zelda in Old School Hack. This will provide racial templates, equipment (magic and mundane), magic, settings, and monsters from the games. It will also include the basics for a campaign. Like all Zelda games, I’ll draw from (but not be bound by) games that came before, creating my own unique interpretation. This should be a wicked cool book, folks…
  • “Fictive’s Instant Encounters.” Pull a page out, it’s got a fragment of story, any needed stats, and a map for an encounter. Have ten encounters per area type (seaside road, winter, jungle, slum, tavern, etc), so you can randomize. Also, include a quick force generator, situation generator, and treasure generator so in a handful of rolls you can put something together and use an existing map or make your own, and a way to randomize an encounter map.
  • “Fictive’s Magnificent Mounts.” A big list of stuff that your player characters or NPCs can ride around in OSH.
  • “Fictive’s Open Seas” with age of sail rules for cannons, ships, ocean travel, etc. and probably also some adventures.
  • “Fictive’s Book of Power” with a geomorph stocker, treasure list, and bestiary plus more DM tricks.
  • “Fictive’s Great Outdoors.” Very vague at this time, but I’m thinking about a hex stocker, with local factions and rulers and level of civilization and major geographic barriers and resources, so with a bunch of dice rolling a DM could generate data that creative interpretation could transform into a neat setting.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the various offerings on this site, and I also hope a peek behind the curtain gets you excited.

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2 Responses to So what is next for Old School Hack: the Fictive Way?

  1. allinonemove says:

    if “Fictive’s Instant Encounters” were a kickstarter, i would totally back it.

  2. Andrew says:

    That would be cool, wouldn’t it? I don’t think that’s possible because of the non commercial license, though.

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