Chaotic Shiny!

It really doesn’t have to be so much work, you know. If you want, you can generate a pantheon with a click, here.

Really, the more time you spend at this lovely site, the more wonderful things you find. For a game like Old School Hack especially, there is great utility to having it at your elbow if you are running a prep-lite game.

They are in a crowd; who do they see that is interesting? And that temple overshadowing the town; what’s the local religion like? Well, currently they are having a local festival. A disgruntled faction is looking to shift perception of a local hero by spreading misinformation; how successful are they in influencing opinion?

To find the truth you’ll have to go to a local city with the strange name to stay with a merchant there, or in a tavern,  and try the local delicacy.

Then you get pulled into adventure!

The human mind is desperate for pattern and connection, and will do any kind of wild acrobatics to herd all the data in so it makes a story. We use randomizers to challenge that human need for connection, because in reconciling the weird facts, we create something that stretches us far more than we would have stretched ourselves.

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