Old School Hack: The Legend of Hyrule (History)

This is just a first draft of a logo for the series. I like it, though. I tried doing lots of colors, but… it’s good to have something printer friendly, and this has a certain dignity to it.

My work on this will be informed by the Zelda games, but not bound by them (any more than one of their games bound the continuity of another; they are all pretty self-contained unless you get crazy with trying to bend everything to fit, which is not a strong indicator of mental health.)

Here is a history designed to support a game that is self-contained, that encourages group play, that opens up the iconic roles for player characters, and that lends itself to questing. Enjoy!

An History of the Legend of Hyrule

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2 Responses to Old School Hack: The Legend of Hyrule (History)

  1. Mareike says:

    Hi there. I really like your logo.
    Can i get a copy of that?

  2. fictivite says:

    Sure. You can either copy it off the post here, or send me an email. My email is on the “about” tab.

    If you want the pieces the logo is made out of, a few searches on Google will get you the font and picture.

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