OSH: Unpleasantness in the Black Mire

As I continue work on converting Dyson Logos’s Black Mire to Old School Hack, I feel that as a filthy nasty swamp it needs some awful things that are standard mishaps for player characters. You can stab a monster until it expires, but there’s something horrible about parasites, biting flies, and swamp fever.

For delightful experimentation, I’ve got a plot device of a swarm of flies that can bite the characters whose players can’t make it, so you schlep them back to town (or leave them in the swamp, depending on the generosity of the players.) Also, if you need an Awesome Point in the worst way (and I do mean the worst way) you can get a little parasite in exchange for an Awesome Point! How cool is that for a sort-of-win/win situation?!

As for the other three… well, they are just mean. I’m strangely at peace with that. I hope you DMs enjoy this, and as for players… well, you’ve got enough to keep you happy, leave us our little infectious pleasures.

Unpleasantness in the Black Mire

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