Old School Hack: Ten Games.

I have personally run ten games of Old School Hack, from September 2011 to March 2012 (7 months.) I ran a couple test combats before my first game. One of my friends ran a session. Another of my friends will run a session tonight.

Tonight, we’ll have a cleric of the goddess of the hunt, a kiskov, an elven archer (dual template), and a monk from the Order of Five Llamas. I will be playing a wizard in league with dark fey energies (starting talent: the Zephreese Grimore). Everything not linked is in “Fictive’s Talents and Templates.” This game is awesome.

Ten games sounds like only a handful, but is really a lot of play. I have had good opportunity to get a grasp of how the basic system runs, how I want to tweak it to fit my play style, and what the system’s strengths and weaknesses are.

As of tonight I will have been in 12 Old School Hack games and run 10 of them. That just seems like a moment that should be noted and celebrated.

Hm… How should I celebrate?

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