Like a Rock Star.

I am starting to think my gaming has parallels with what a musician does.

When I’m working on design things on my computer, that’s like my studio time, to produce new things to share at the table (which is like performing at venues) and to post on the blog (which is like releasing albums or tracks on the internet etc.) I’m not famous enough to go on tours (like conventions or more public exposure) and that’s fine with me.

I collaborate with other artists (like doing covers, or singing duets, or having a guest artist for a track.) Everybody in the conversation, fans and artists alike, add things that float around and affect the thinking of others. There is a lot of experimentation, and refining my influences and past successes, and performing homages to the work of others.

It’s raining today. I’ve metaphorically taken the phone off the hook, gone into the studio, and played around with some new tunes that the rest of the world may or may not ever see. I’m thinking about all the sounds I’ve worked with, and what direction I want to develop as an artist. It’s that kind of day.

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