Maptacular Monday: Tomb of the Trog Mummies

So let’s say you’re playing Old School Hack with Fictive’s Talents and Templates. Let’s say your characters have gotten to 5th level and are feeling a bit cocky, or you want to have a more dangerous evening of play and you whip up some 5-8 level characters. Need something for them to do?

I thought you might.

Tomorrow I’ll post my converter designed to cover the basics of moving 3.x D&D critters over to Old School Hack. To test it out, I went to donjon and generated a themeless 8th level dungeon level, with the intent of converting the whole thing over.

Here is the random dungeon I got. Yehlgettit Basement 08

After pondering it some, here is the adventure for Old School Hack!

OSH Tomb of the Trog Mummies

The adventure comes with a base town, rumors, lore from research or more esoteric knowledge, and lots of potential for expansion. I randomly generated much of the background, and had a lot of fun stitching it together with plausible explanations to have a scenario with a lot of flavor. A quick way to get at the summary is on the last page, with a one-page run-down of the various groups and factions and rooms and some suggestions for play. (My favorite bit is re-skinning mohrgs a bit to be trog mummies…)

The monsters listed can also be used individually or in smaller numbers against lower-level characters, so even if you don’ t want to watch your party get demolished by extraordinary dangers, you can still get some good use from the scenario.

If you run it (or even if you don’t) I’m interested in what you think of the scenario!

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3 Responses to Maptacular Monday: Tomb of the Trog Mummies

  1. drow says:

    i completely love this.

  2. fictivite says:

    Glad to hear it! I have gotten a lot of inspiration from the dungeon generator, I really appreciate it.

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