Rumors for “Tomb of the Trog Mummies.”

I hope the three people that downloaded the “Tomb of the Trog Mummies” have enjoyed it. To entice a few more people to take a look, here are the rumors you can learn about it before going in…

Rumors (Everybody gets 1d3 rumors! They heard these on the way to town. They can gossip for more.)

  1. (T) There is a massive centipede, big enough to bridge a river, out there somewhere. We thought it was a myth, but something huge woke up in the hills…
  2. (T) People like to tell stories of a small faithful trog cult that got down into the deepest tombs and feeds worship to their dead god-kings over the centuries.
  3. (F) I had a dream there was a demon army waiting down there, ranked up and ready to march, awaiting the word from a flaming golden skull on the body of a snake. Others dreamed it too.
  4. (T) You won’t find the trogs using metal weapons or armor. They go all bone or wood. Maybe it is some religious thing.
  5. (F) That tomb out there is next to an underground river. Look out for cold walls. That’ll break and drown you, like a cat in a box.
  6. (T) Just like in the old stories, when evil wakes it draws demons through to our world, and swells up the vermin. We killed a spider in my barn that was almost as big as my wife—and she’s an eater.
  7. (F) They have the wrong location. My granddad told me he cleared out the tomb they’ve “uncovered” back when he was a young man. No mummies down there. It’s a hoax to waste your time.
  8. (T) About fifty gnomes and a powerful wizard came through here a week ago, claiming they’d recapture the Constellation of Grefnia, whatever the hell that means. The wizard’s name was Vici, I think; she was pretty hot.
  9. (F) I hear if you kiss the mummy of a trog emperor, you live forever.
  10. (T) Back when lots of adventurers headed out into the hills, the ones that came back told stories about how rings of standing stones around trog mummies could burst into flame and kill you. True story.
  11. (T) In the really old stories, the one my crazy gran told, the viziers of the trog emperors became immortal by trading their physical shapes with their shadows. Immortal, unkillable, and deadly, and if you let them, they’ll pull you through to join their shadow army. Spooky stuff.
  12. (F) Smugglers are behind it. Got some trog help, rigged it all up; you better believe there’s a rich stash of illegal drugs down there, for anybody tough enough to kick some smugglers around.

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