Maptacular Monday: Kafflask, a Base Town

This town is featured as the base town in “Tomb of the Trog Mummies.” It was built using a town generator from here, and a religious faction for the hospital randomized from “Fictive’s Portable Pantheon” (including a random god overseeing the healing.)

As a side note, the town generator and other generators at are so streamlined and so clever they keep a guy like me humble.

Anyway, here is the town of Kafflask!


The local demeanor in this town tends to be supportive and ready to be helpful. They make their living as a stop on the Kafflask Trade Road, and also equipping adventurers who head up to the ancient trog ruins and keep the monster population in check, spending much of their loot in town afterwards.

Related industry is a massive prison at the end of a short trail out of town to the north, and a healing temple in the center of town. Valurin is a kindly but inflexible old man who rules the town council from the old Keep, now converted to siege time storage.

The Kafflask Wall. It is 3 meters high and 2 meters thick, surrounding the town except the farms and dairies outside the walls. The Keep is built on the west side, its back to the water of the pond. There is a gatehouse to the north, and another to the south.

  • Gate Tax. To enter the town costs 1 silver per leg for people and animals. Weapons must be peace-knotted in town (focus action to free the weapon) and no armor heavier than light may be worn. Visitors get one warning, then are fined 1 gold per infraction.
  • The Wall garrisons about 200 troops. They patrol for half a day’s ride in both directions on the road, assisting travelers and discouraging banditry.
  • The Wall Guard patrol as town guard in groups of 4. They wear red and gray, light armor, and reach weapons. They are minions. There are five captains.

The Kafflask Prisonis built into the ruin of a former trog prison that is over a thousand years old; the stone and iron both new and old make it a tough place to escape, and there are plenty of guards and vicious monsters to keep prisoners in and track those who try to escape.

  • Head Warden Turmiska rules the prison with an iron fist.
  • There are about 500 prisoners and about 50 guards, and about 30 monsters at any given time.
  • The prisoners dig in the foundations of the temple, to keep them occupied and provide stone for Kafflask and for further fortification of the prison.
  • Most of the guards are devout worshipers of Boomaxle, who helps keep them grounded and sane in an unpleasant occupation. This also increases the dignity with which the prisoners are treated, as they are people who should be in touch with their own worth.

Boomaxle’s House of Healingis a temple over a thousand years old, dedicated to making people whole, whatever may be wrong with them. Dedicated to development and generosity, they consider contracts to be far too binding for the freedom required by healing. They are entirely supported by donations, but they have many powerful patrons in the town and beyond it. A massive statue in the courtyard depicts Boomaxle as a smiling man with his eyes closed and his hands out.

  • Liana is a beautiful woman who leads the temple, and she organizes people to do their work. The command structure is very simple.
  • There is no magical healing, but there are “listeners” who will let you talk your problems out, and there are skilled doctors and artists in residence—about 50 staff in all.
  • They are open about their message of the superiority of fully realized self—it is a very simple message. Be who you are, and that will be enough.
  • Other factions of Boomaxle are encouraged to go elsewhere, strongly if necessary. The House of Healing is far more open to other faiths, however.
  • The House of Healing is popular with the people and with adventurers, but it is wearying for the town council; the House of Healing doesn’t really care about the rest of the community, and that’s a problem, no matter how much of an asset they are. Still, they get tax breaks, and they have standing in the community.
  • They feel magic corrupts the soul and the self, colluding with dragons and giving up the warm blood that is so key to self-realization. They are friendly to visiting wizards, then kill them when they are helpless. The local townspeople know this, and will warn wizards that befriend them. (Arcane jerks are graciously instructed to seek healing.)

For those who cannot afford to enter town and find lodging, or who want to be a little more rowdy, the Busty Alewench is just off the north road, in easy range of half a day’s walk to the trog tombs. It’s cheap, the food is edible, and the tavern has a long history of boasting of exploits.

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