OSH Template Update: Fighter

I’m not changing “Talents and Templates” because I said I’d leave it alone for a year, and I am. I just thought you all might like a preview of some of the changes I’m looking to make in the next version.

Previously I tried to leave the base 7 classes alone as much as possible to encourage compatibility. I think my version has moved far enough away that’s not as realistic a goal as it was at the beginning, so I’m doing some housekeeping and updating the original 7 templates to match my vision.

This has already been done with the Cleric (see “Fictive’s Portable Pantheon“) and with Magic Users (now called Wizards, with access to Grimores.)

That leaves Fighter, Thief, Dwarf, Elf, and Goblin. One a day, coming right up. If you have any thoughts about the changes I made, or questions, I’d love to have that conversation.

Fighter Template Update

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