OSH Legend of Hyrule: Triforce Pieces

This begins two weeks solid of postings on the Legend of Hyrule, a Zelda hack for the mighty Old School Hack system.

One challenge of adapting Legend of Zelda in its various incarnations is to deal with moving from a lone mute warrior to an awesome free-wheeling party. One way I’ve done that is to make it possible for one or two of the avatars of the Tri-force to be playable characters, and to devise history where special characters worked together fairly frequently to save the kingdom.

Here is a description of the Tri-force and the avatars that bear its power. This is an overlay template, so it can be added to another character. More to come!

Triforce Pieces

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6 Responses to OSH Legend of Hyrule: Triforce Pieces

  1. Robin says:

    I was wondering what the script around this image says in english.. any idea?

  2. fictivite says:

    No idea, but you might check the fonts on this site for a clue. Good luck.


  3. Fredo says:

    What do all the words mean ?

  4. fictivite says:

    I don’t know… Probably not “Gannondorf is a doofus” but hey, maybe.

  5. kat says:

    I would think that the writing on the three black triangles would stand for courage, power and wisdom. As for the white inner triangle and the outer text, not really too sure.

  6. slizzy a says:

    The top black triangle stands for strength

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