Maptacular Monday: The World Between!

Clearly my work is only for my version of the setting–I do not mean to sound authoritative for Jack Shear’s entire project. However, when I’m working in a setting, I like to have a map, and there’s adventure that can spring from a map as from no other source.

I drew the map, and my wife Kristy used her mad Photoshop skills to dress it up to be a mesmerizing piece of work!

This version does not have geographic features (like mountains and rivers) or cities yet. Still, it gives me enough background to put out a history that is informed by the geography.

So, some notes.

I moved the Ghael Isles way over to the east instead of being way over to the west. Part of my thinking is that this allows a major African influence without using the slave trade, and the islands are in the spooky territory near the Scavenger Lands and Mord-Stavian. It’s still far away by any measure.

I dropped the Island of Jade Mysteries; to me, it was thematically the weakest area, and it’s awfully far away. I do think the monkey god Mong-Trall can join the other beast gods in the Scavenger Lands.

To me, the Ruinous Scar might as well be pictured, but is not actually on the map. The Scavenger Lands are a vast tract that separates the Ruinous Scar from the rest of the map, and I think it is enough to say “the Scar is to the east. Don’t go that way.”

I named bodies of water!

The most important geographic feature not pictured here is a massive mountain range, akin to the Alps, separating Frostreave and Harrowfaust from the Scavenger Lands; a solid 500 miles of the eastern edge of both countries is basically inaccessible except for a few thready passes open a few months a year. The Storm Range, as the mountains are called, also extends south far enough to block access by sea to the eastern side of Relmeenos.

The Islands of Unparalleled Liberty are not labeled, but they are quite obviously nestled by the Iron Principalities.

Sothak had a big “event” during a war that stripped the eastern side off the Storm Range and created a vast area like a crater impact, so we’ll learn about that in the history.

So, here is the map! A history to help make sense of it is in the works. Also, I hope to eventually get a version of the map with mountains and rivers. Also major cities. In the meantime, at least we have basic distance measurements and national borders.

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2 Responses to Maptacular Monday: The World Between!

  1. theskyfullofdust says:

    That’s a lovely map.

  2. fictivite says:

    Thanks! I did the outline, but when Kristy pulled out the texture brushes, she really awesomed it up.

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