OSH Template: Web Walker

I was inspired by Simon’s post here. I thought, “It would be awesome to play a spider.” The key word there being “awesome” which leads us back to Old School Hack, where you can do things that are awesome.

I thought it would be fun to play a big spider. Then I thought it would be even more fun to play a big spider that was a mount for a hobbin or a deep goblin. There was a serious case of the “and then!” syndrome, where you want to pile on all the stuff spiders get from the Arsenal of Nature. I stopped at 10, though I could have kept going.

An interesting balance note: they have 10 templates, but they can’t use any of them by spending 3 Awesome Points to access it off the template directly. They are physical changes. So you can customize your spider, but not have a generic spider that can grow and retract features. I thought it was an interesting balance.

So here is a huge terrifying spider you can play in Old School Hack.

The Web Walker

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2 Responses to OSH Template: Web Walker

  1. theskyfullofdust says:

    Aargh, creepy image! I have such arachnophobia that the very picture of a spider makes me cringe. Nice template though. You’ve counter-inspired me. Want to re-visit and make a class for the loppe, and your template and my original will be making something new 🙂

  2. fictivite says:

    Glad you like it! I’ll be interested to see how you solve the problem of needing a spider player to be able to communicate with the party.

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