The World Between: Amateur Vampire Hunters in Harrowfaust

So I’m going to run the World Between for the first time on Friday. Here are my adjustments to character generation. The poor characters will be amateur vampire hunters in Harrowfaust.



You start with one language, Harrovian. Being literate requires you to take one language spot for “Literate in: ” and an alphabet.

The Cyronic alphabet supports Harrovian, and is based on demon glyphs.
The Northron alphabet supports Ulvish (spoken in Ulverland), Throptic (spoken in Caligari and the Iron Principalities), and Skaria (spoken in Frostreave) and is based on dwarfish runes.
The Draxive alphabet supports Midish, spoken in Midian and Scarabae, and Draxive, spoken by all educated people (like Latin) and is based on the Lady of the White Way’s script.

Those are the only alphabets and languages available.

So, for example, if you had an Awareness of 2, you could take Harrovian (free) with the Cyronic alphabet (literate, 1 slot) and Draxive (spoken but not literate, as it is the Draxive alphabet.)


If you want 6 Awesome Points at start-up, you can take a dark secret. Check the compendium, page 40.


Here are 10 adventuring motives for amateur vampire hunters:

1. One of your parents was killed by a vampire while you watched, at home, when you were small.
2. One of your siblings is a vampire now, chosen by your local lord. Bring final rest.
3. You wanted to be a vampire, and you were mocked and belittled. Prove they aren’t so superior.
4. You tasted the blood. By the Lady, it’s–it’s delicious. Harvest more. keep the secret.
5. You were saved by a purifier of the Lady, and you can’t forget that debt; resist the demons.
6. Just when you finally confessed your true love, your beau was scooped by a bloodsucker.
7. You were seduced by a vampire who discarded you; put a stake where the heart should be.
8. The Lady of the White Way appeared to you in a dream and commissioned you for this.
9. You work for the Duchess Lorbrek, hunting vampires she identifies as part of the larger game.
10. The World Below is invading. Do your part to put down their footsoldiers.

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