I find the story of the origin of this award to be interesting, you can see it here. I am sure there is more to it than that, but it was a quick Google to get there.

My thanks to Jack Shear for nominating and/or awarding me!

Seven questions –

1. What’s your favorite song? That’s like saying “Who is the world’s most beautiful woman?” So many different kinds of beauty! Rather than weasel out, I’ll pick… “Can You Trip Like I Do,” the version with Crystal Method and Filter, on the Spawn soundtrack. It reminds me of my version of Peter Parker.2. What’s your favorite dessert?  Hm. Possibly Dairy Queen ice cream cake.3. What do you do when you’re upset?  Retreat and reframe. Or, crash out and watch tv. Struggle against depression.

4. Which is your favorite pet?  A rock. Or, my wife. If that’s offensive, my apologies, and one of my children. Still offensive? Let’s go with rock.

5. Which do you prefer? Black or White?  They both show dirt.

6. What is your biggest fear?  There really is no way out.

7. What is your attitude mostly?  Make it funny.

Ten facts –

1. I have written a lot of novels.

2. I actually have one novel in print. (It is too expensive for me to recommend you buy it online, but one of the best parts was the free copyediting!)
3. I have written over a million words of fan fiction. And it’s all available from this site. I very much doubt it is like any fan fiction you’ve ever read before.
4. People think I’ve added bloat to Old School Hack? Hah. I have a volume of house rules for a White Wolf game that transformed the way it plays, opened up dozens of modular power sets, and clocks in at over 500 pages. Compared to that, and the remixed fantasy version I did of that, this Old School Hack stuff is child’s play. Yeah: for me, this is simple rule stuff, keeping it light.
5. I wrote a Western themed fantasy game that has gone through a half dozen major versions. It’s pretty cool, but I eventually gave up on it for a variety of reasons. It’s still in the background.
6. I have survived two significant surgeries that gave me wicked scars.
7. I have three tattoos.
8. I used to write poetry.
9. I am seminary educated.
10. At one time, my family owned three roosters, five hens, two beagles, two cats, a gerbil, ten mice, a tank of guppies and betas, and a goat. All at once.
Given the ambiguity of the award, I like Jack’s term, so: Seven Bequeath-ments, in no particular order:
1. Shadowfell. My wife’s blog, as she works out how to get her creativity out in front of the internets.
2….the Sky Full of Dust. Whimsical, lots of creative stuff going on, and I think he should be recognized for his great blogging. I recently was inspired to make spiders an Old School Hack template by this guy. He also has a new blog on the City of Bones–yeah, I’m going to award the blogger AND both his blogs!
3. Blood of Prokopius. For the peculiar effort to reconcile Dungeons and Dragons with Christianity, and also for the inspirational mining of the Christian tradition for D&D material. Also, I love his efforts at revisioning the slaver module, and want a copy of that when it is done. (Rationale, temple, island, castle, rumors; do a search for “slave” and you get the goods!)
4. Dyson Logos. He may be absent again (hopefully not going through love and surgery, like last time; only so much a fellow can survive) but he’s left us enough creative material to get by on for years to come. Great stuff.
5. lapsus calumni. I was about ready to give up blogging when he mentioned my blog on his, and I got readership for the first time after long weeks of posting daily content with few if any hits. He is still the most enthusiastic supporter I ever had for my Old School Hack efforts, even if he has since moved on to other systems. He does book reviews, and posts great maps all the time. Good stuff!
6. Telecanter’s Receding Rules. This guy’s playful and thoughtful deconstruction, reconstruction, abstraction, and recombination of the D&D game is incredible and you should keep an eye on him. He does silhouettes to add visuals to a game without usurping the imagination, he works out minimal ways to add modular rule sets to make the game more interesting (like his current series on travel) and he’s generally a very pleasant online presence constantly offering up cool stuff.
7. The Dungeon Dozen. Seriously useful, wildly wacky, and randomly generatoriffic. My only complaint is that I can detect no way they plan to codify and offer sets of what happens on this magnificent site. Entire inspirations for a campaign might be on a d12 list, or just a handy inspiration for restocking an area of the dungeon or awesomeing up your magic sword. Check them out.
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  1. theskyfullofdust says:

    Thanks for the awards! Guess I’ve got to answer some questions then 🙂

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