Weird West Miniatures, Arkham Horror Application

Stuart over at Strange Magic has an Indigogo project to make miniatures for a Weird West game. Now, if you don’t use miniatures in your game, or don’t play Weird West, why would you be interested? I’ll tell you!

Because you might like Kill Dr. Lucky, from Cheapass Games, where you must provide your own figures. How great to stalk the good Doctor with a mummy gunfighter! Or Abe Lincoln with an axe!

How about Zombies!!! where you get a generic dude with a shotgun; how much more fun to use Cockney vampires and (again) Abe Lincoln with an axe to stalk the undead! You’ll see the upcoming movie and wish you had a little Abe to wreak havoc on the game table.

To sweeten the pot further, I offer my own contribution to Stuart’s project by offering the first pairing of hero and villain as Arkham Horror board game characters!

Strange Eons is the awesome program I used to make these.

When I posted these earlier, I was going kind of off-the-cuff; I have gone back, tidied them up, given everyone 2 awesome abilities, and used the cards to be consistent with how they are in the game (I had to crack open my set and use it for a reference.) Anyway, I hope these new and improved cards are intriguing to you!

Included are the vs. pair of Abe and the vampire, also the Indian princess and the mummy gunfighter! All for you.

Now, please, go throw some money at Stuart’s project.







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3 Responses to Weird West Miniatures, Arkham Horror Application

  1. Mark Robison says:

    Okay… feeling a strong itch to get together and play some Arkham sometime soon!

  2. fictivite says:

    I’m sure we can work something out…

  3. Pingback: (“When Honest Abe Lincoln used the armed forces to punish people for separating from his rule, that reversed the independence achieved by the earlier Revolutionaries. The idea of self-determination had been stomped by the boot of federal government

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