The Scavenger Masters Grimore (remix)

The Masters of the Scavenger Lands include Gartheon Nack, Yelkar Truth, and Larmak Fermain. These mysterious robed figures meted justice out among the Vistani and Wastelanders, battling or unleashing monsters as they learned to manipulate the horrific energies gushing out of the Ruinous Scar. The greatest honor was survival; their magic tends to grow more potent as its wielder continues on unkilled.

This magic is most often learned from strange wandering masters, or from hermits deep in the Scavenger Lands, or from scarred mercenary spellcasters who spook the armies they serve.

The Scavenger Masters Grimore

Jack posted on elemental magic of the Scavenger Lands here. More on grimores is here.

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