All Quiet on the Fictive Front

I haven’t been posting lately. I think in part that comes from a growing question in my mind about the value of sharing my efforts more widely.

I started with sharing B/X D&D stuff, to resounding silence. I found more of an audience for Old School Hack, but that went quiet after a while, and since I started I’ve repeatedly encountered the idea that I’m doing the game a disservice by adding to it.

I’ve been working on the World Between, and after an initial notice, it’s been dead quiet on those efforts. For all I know, people think I’m bloating up that setting with needless detail too.

I like to post daily because that shares ever-new content with my readers, giving people a reason to check in, and providing content–that’s the king for a blog, right? If it has good content, people like checking it out.

So you can imagine my doubts as I encounter a situation where providing lots of content is a detriment to rules-light systems and settings!

Maybe I should just quietly work on .pdfs and provide notice when they’re ready to go, and treat this blog like a resource web site, and post more sporadically. Or, maybe I’ll find my way out of my current discouragement and reframe the issue so it makes sense to continue posting neat stuff on a daily basis. The least likely scenario is that I’ll connect with a readership that really digs what I’m doing.

Anyway, I’ve been working away on “Fictive Hack” as an independent game so I won’t clutter up Old School Hack with my additions. I feel like at this point my best bet is to finish up some of my outstanding projects, or at least get them to a good stopping point, then look for some new system (or one of my own I’ve developed) to provide content so I’m not in this position anymore.

I don’t like seeing my contribution regarded as misguided.

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10 Responses to All Quiet on the Fictive Front

  1. Tim D. says:

    OK, some thoughts.

    1. I haven’t seen the “bloated content” posts, but I’m really not looking for them either. My limited time online I limit to places with the maximum content return for my time investment, which brought me to here.
    2. While it may be frustrating not getting feedback often, I will say I’m happy to see effort here. Kirin’s been on hiatus for a few months now. Maybe switch to weekly updates as a happy medium?
    3. I think part of your solution could indeed come from posting a finished system (Fictive Hack) along with a setting, and post it on RPGNow, for example. If people start downloading it you’ll likely get some feedback there and maybe generate enough buzz to publish future products for a fee and actually make some money at your passion/hobby/addiction…

  2. E. Wilson says:

    Well, I’ll go ahead and say that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying OSH the “Fictive Way”. I think you’ve added quite a lot of interesting content–and nobody’s forced to use any of it if they don’t want to! I’m also ready for more Hyrule content whenever you’ve got a mind to present some. As for the World Between, it’s a bit too dark a concept for me to run a game in but I am fascinated by the concepts and love the maps.

  3. fictivite says:

    @Tim: I’m not sure how the copyright law works for adapting things that are non-commercial when released (like Old School Hack.) I’m just not sure how much things would have to change before I could do that… But the idea is nice, sure. Even putting the .pdfs up for free and charging for hard copy, a happy medium.

    @Wilson: I think you’re the first person who has said anything about Hyrule! So thanks for that. I thought it would be a good bridge between the feel of some of the Zelda games and the feel of Old School Hack. I have a map, but it’s all nerd-scribble now, not something I’d want to post until it’s redone in pretty format.

    Yeah, World Between is a much darker setting, and that’s part of the fun. For one, every game I run inevitably has elements of horror in it (so this is a good fit) and for another I think it’s cool to demonstrate how OSH can be used in a variety of formats, not just for silly gonzo games. Like you say, people can take what they want and leave what they don’t; things like the illusionist class for World Between work great in a normal game too!

    Thanks for chiming in, guys.

  4. Jack says:

    I think blog traffic and comments just plain gets thinner during the summer. I’ve noticed it on my blog too.

  5. Karlen says:

    Your content on the Old School Hack system has helped to greatly flesh out that system. Hell, your content was embraced by the creator. However, development seems to have come to a stand still for that system. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed (at least by me) as I too try to work on streamlining the game for easier usage and simple gameplay.

    Keep up the good work

  6. fictivite says:

    Hm, I hadn’t thought summer might be part of it.

    In the grand scheme of things, I’d rather have a sense I’ve connected with my audience than be concerned about numbers anyway. I’m more satisfied giving a select group just the sort of thing they’re after than having a huge run of silent traffic.

    BTW, interesting new information on gods on your blog. Is that new information, or just previously unshared?

  7. fictivite says:

    @Karlen: Glad you like it! I doubt anyone would say I’m streamlining the system, as I’m adding more options. Now I’m adding a different armor system too.

    I don’t plan on taking down my Old School Hack resource page, though I’ll be updating and moving some of the things on it over to my Fictive Hack page (like all the World Between stuff.)

    Any disgruntlement is likely all in my head, but that’s where my creativity happens. I’m making a separation so I don’t have to push through any negativity to get straight at the best part–making shiny toys and handing them out to people who want to play with them.

  8. Jack says:

    @fictivite: partly unshared, partly new, mostly influenced by trying to get to grips with Glorantha and its many gods!

  9. fictivite says:

    So, Glorantha is the name of the World Between? Have I missed that somewhere, or is this the unveiling? =) I’m also curious about what faction named the world, and how. (For my version, I’d have the name come glorifying the Lady by her armies upon their first landing, but do you have a different origin?)

    I was a bit dizzied by the gods in your setting too, and by attaching their power growth and shift to various periods in history I got a much better handle on it. Unfortunately, since I did all that on my own I doubt it will line up with what you do with the pantheon; what you had in mind already, or how the story tells itself going forward.

    That’s the risk of adapting material in someone else’s setting you’ve recently encountered. Everything won’t be compatible. But as you pointed out, a remix in a multi-verse has its own charms. =) Keep up the good work.

  10. Jack says:

    @fictive Sorry, I must have been confusing there: Glorantha is the name of the setting used in old-school RuneQuest. I’ve been reading a couple of those books trying to figure out how *that* setting works, but some of its bits and pieces inspired me to do a bit more detail on the relationships between the gods in my own setting.

    (If you think my setting has a lot of gods…man, check out Glorantha. It’s INSANE the number of religions and pantheons that are in those books! Each with multiple-page write ups spread over a number of supplements)

    People in the World Between just call it the Word Between because they feel they’re between the heavens (the World Above) and hell (the World Below).

    Heh, different campaigns I run between different groups of people aren’t even mutually compatible, so no worries if your version isn’t compatible. I rarely feel that anything is “Set in stone” when it comes to world building.

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