Adventuring Motives

Here is a sneak peek at the 19 adventuring motives I’m going to include in the one-shot (or short term) oriented book for Fictive Hack.

These can be randomized, they can serve as inspiration only, they can be assigned by the DM, they can be used for NPCs… these are tools to jump-start creativity, and have no hard-and-fast rules for their use. Generally, add other goals as you continue, so when you do get to cross one or more off, you’ve got more to keep you going.

You can gain an adventuring motive any time you want. You can buy a new motive for up to 3 Awesome Points. (This can be used to level up.) Or, you can ask the DM for up to 3 Awesome Points from the stack. Who knows? The DM might like your new goal. Either way, other players may chip in too if they are amused or inspired. Adventuring motives are helpful because they give you a direction, and they give the DM something to work into the ongoing story that might not have been there otherwise.

The DM may roll once for your goal in common, and let players roll once each for their characters.

  1. The dragon burned your home down. Selling its corpse and treasure should buy a fine new home.
  2. High taxes, unjust executions; that’s normal. Now nobles are importing monsters. Time to revolt!
  3. The half-ruined fort on the edge of the barony is infested with monsters; clear it, it’s yours.
  4. Elf hair makes the best bowstrings. By any means, shave wild elves for the duke’s elite archers.
  5. The baron wants a unique present for Her Majesty’s birthday. Something mythic. Find it for him.
  6. Everyone is sucking up to the new duke, redrawing feudal lines. He wants a stuffed monster.
  7. You love her like family, and she’s been taken by slavers. Stop at nothing to save her.
  8. The raiders used poison, and if you don’t get a supply of antidote, many (including you) will die.
  9. You must find an animated prosthetic for your poor one-armed uncle.
  10. The duke’s chef has a recipe for making goblin delicious; mount a top-secret raid for fresh meat.
  11. An eccentric scholar figured out the secret for opening a Stonach tomb; protect him for riches.
  12. You can only marry into the nobility if you find your beloved a fist-sized jewel.
  13. Your father gave you an empty room in the family home to fill with adventure trophies. Get busy.
  14. The baron’s assassins killed your family, and thinks you’re dead. Depose him, or live in danger.
  15. You inherited a beautiful enchanted sword, stolen by bandits. Track them, steal it back.
  16. Only one trial is left between you and membership in the secret elite Skulltouch society.
  17. The baron’s favorite wizard is trapped in her tower, under siege by undead. Save her.
  18. Monsters have taken over the Stonatch dam overlooking the barony; will they open it? Stop them.
  19. Assassins lurk at the local festival, and if they kill the duke, civil war erupts. Protect him.
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