Happy Birthday! And, Dwarves of Death!

Well, today is my blog’s first birthday. Just a couple posts short of 300 over the last year, with a wide variety of content. To celebrate, I’ve compiled the Dwarves of Death stuff into a single tidy .pdf for use with a B/X D&D or compatible game.

I originally started the blog out of gratitude for the cool stuff I’ve gotten from the online OSR community. I really wanted to give back, and I think I’ve found a way to do that. I have not adapted these horrific dwarves to Old School Hack, they remain a tribute to D&D.

Dwarves of Death

To my knowledge, no one has ever used them. I did originally intend to expand this concept further, with Runepainters (Golden Rune derivative dwarven non-cleric healers) and scenarios and so forth, but I got discouraged and then I wandered off into Old School Hack land and never looked back. Much more could be done with this chassis, and I had a lot of half-formed ideas going forward; customizable undead, for one. That’s all icing, though, and this nasty little cake is all ready for eating just as it is.

So happy birthday to my blog, and I hope a dwarven zombie doesn’t lurch out of a cake grunting and wiggling at the command of its dark master. (Hm. I think that image got away from me a little bit…)

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