300 Posts

Since July 4, 2011, my blog has accumulated 300 posts (including this one.) I thought this would be a good chance to point out some of the stuff you can find here that you might have missed.

  • The “About” tab talks about the quote that serves as the inspiration for the blog’s name.
  • “Cool Stuff” has a neat d6 dungeon crawling game on one page, both in pocket-mod format and not. Also, my B/X D&D stuff (Dwarves of Death and some mini-systems), my Arkham Horror custom content all in one place, my Strip D&D stuff in one place, some essays, and a wish list.
  • My fan fiction tab has some stories. And novels. Rather a lot of stuff, actually. If you haven’t looked at it, you might be interested. It’s been described as hyper-violent, but that’s just because I have the same fights the comics do-but with the consequences of trained killers attacking each other. The focus is on replacing “mutant” in comics with magic in most cases, a world where meta-humans with powers are in the closet and not flying around in the public eye, and deep conspiracies. Dr. Strange is at the heart of the defenses of the world. It’s some cool stuff. Also a massive effort with an alternative Fantastic Four in an alternate reality. Their first story pits them against Aliens. Hah! Eventually they go after Dr. Doom to find out what the hell he did to himself to try to beat them… And they rule Latveria. Cool, right?
  • Fictive Hack, Old School Hack, and People vs. Creatures are all variations on Kirin Robinson’s Old School Hack game. People vs. Creatures is survival horror or modern gaming; it’s a little dated compared to my current efforts, but everything can’t be updated at the same speed. There are great science fiction and survival horror ideas in there. Old School Hack has compatible stuff with the original game, and Fictive Hack is a home for my efforts to go to the next level with my version. There are materials there for a Zelda game, for a gothic fantasy game, for the standard gonzo arrangement, adaptations of other people’s stuff; browse a while!
  • Games is the tab where I put centralized information on the various RPG sessions I am running in 2012. They link to Obsidian Portal sites to show how I use that particular tool, and they’ve got descriptions of all kinds of wild game sessions. It’s a peek into what I’m actually doing with all this RPG theory.
  • Maps is basically my admiration for people like Dyson Logos and Matt Jackson, and my effort to give back some maps because I’ve taken and used so many of theirs.

Thanks for coming by, for reading, and for enjoying this stuff. That’s the important part, really. I don’t care to get into controversial arguments, or to provoke people, or to stir things up. I’m about producing awesome game stuff and entertaining you all as I entertain myself. I hope you get some joy out of what I’m doing here. I do.

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1 Response to 300 Posts

  1. Makamo says:

    AWESOME! Looks like a motherlode for game fans. And, the categories make info easy to find.

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