Death of the Widow Dragon

The quest to slay the Widow Dragon began in September 2011, and last night it drew to a most satisfying conclusion. Here is a summary of all eleven adventures, on average one a month.

  • First. Tulip meets up with someone who knows a wizard who is looking for a dragon’s lair, and gets involved.
  • Second. He joins an expedition to get into a long-dead hero’s trophy room to learn the location of the dragon’s lair.
  • Third. Traveling towards a port where he can get passage closer to the dragon’s lair, he is sidetracked into a dungeon crawl to earn some cash.
  • Fourth. He travels the dangerous last leg of the road to the port city.
  • Fifth. He rescues a scholar who is familiar with the dragon’s lair, breaking him out of a prison, and acquires a pirate ship to work out transporting treasure.
  • Sixth. He gets to the island with the lair on it, and begins searching for a way in through the magically sealed back door of the lair. He meets a frog god that assures him if he collects 4 pieces of magic amber, a big iron rose, and a big stone basket, the frog god will give him the key to the back door.
  • Seventh. Tulip and his crew make it to Mire Port, then back out into the Black Mire, finding the amber.
  • Eighth. Tulip and Vayu go out into the Black Mire again, and this time defeat a necromancer and get the rose, turning it in with the frog god (as well as exploring.)
  • Ninth. Tulip puts together a bigger crew, gets banished from Mire Port, and collects the basket, waking a dark cosmic power in the process.
  • Tenth. Tulip and company get the key to the ghim-locked back door of the mountain, and finally enter the Elvenforge.
  • Eleventh. The grand conclusion, the slaying of the Widow Dragon herself.

So! Tulip will retire, his player and I agreed on that early on. He’s 15th level, a nice number to go out and become an NPC. Shaun’s Awesome Isles are in the Breathing World too, so some people may choose to move their PCs over there–including Shaun, with Vayu. After all, good PCs never die; they just become NPCs.

The characters got a pile of incredible magic loot, as well as a bit of coin, even though they didn’t get to own the whole Elvenforge. Also, they should cut Ashook and Geshinara in on the treasure, not to mention all the poor suckers who lost their health in the Black Mire assisting this quest. We’ll see what they do.

What else is there for those who may continue adventuring at some point?

  • Skritt has a curse, poor goblin. It rains wherever he goes. They might want to break that.
  • Some Dragonites may have survived. If they learned fire elemental magic from an ancient dragon, they could be formidable. After all, Grizelle (their teacher, the Widow Dragon) was there to avenge her mate, Gris. Might they avenge her?
  • The Pembriss Scholars still have a bounty out for Vayu and Tulip.
  • Some of the magic loot they scored might have some complications. Like the platinum signet ring, for example. Or anything they looted from the room of the dead.
  • How would the ghim react? They were furious the seals were broken, but on the other hand the gods in the Black Mire are exhausted, the dragon dead, the Prince of Flame released and gone…

The end is the beginning is the end. Never tie up all your loose ends. We had a great romp for an epic quest to slay a dragon, it turned out epic enough (I think), and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. I think that’ll do.

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