Wonderful Problems. TL:DR

I have wonderful problems in the game realm just at the moment.

For example, I have more good games than I have time to prep and run. I have more good systems I’m working on than I have time to put on the game table. (And I get about 3 sessions at 5 hours each with 4-7 players every month.)

Example: I have been tinkering with a brilliant mecha adaptation for Old School Hack that allows the system to solve some persistent mecha game problems, and that’s exciting. But to flesh that out, I’d be taking time away from my work on the World Between; I’m halfway through my write-up of Scarabae, and the map is mostly done.

I look at what other people are doing, and I want to put my spin on it. A great scenario over at The Crown and Ring is The Mystery of De Morcey House, for which I offered feedback. I plan to run it in August. That’s great! But I’ve also been drooling over mega dungeons I won’t be running, dallying in online scenarios that I won’t be getting to anytime soon, and generally looking at shiny toys I won’t be playing with at my game table.

I’ve invested a lot in my Fantasy Masks game, and I’m putting it on hold after one more session because I want to trim down to two main games; Edge City is in the same system as Fantasy Masks, and Edge City trumps the Brodlian Freeholds. Likewise, I want a Fictive Hack game, and the World Between trumps the Breathing World (but fortunately Shaun is running something there, and I get to play a crazy wizard.)

Fortunately, we wrapped up the Widow Dragon quest, so that’s the Breathing World game at a good stopping point.

Anyway, there are a lot of games I’d like to run, but to get the other quality experience most don’t have a chance to get, which is long-lived games that can go deep and develop characters, I must focus on the best of what I have going on and really allow it to breathe.

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6 Responses to Wonderful Problems. TL:DR

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and reflect how well life’s going, when stuff like that are your problems. Since I started blogging I’ve been struggling under the weight of all the kick ass free content people are pointing me towards.

    It’s a hard life…

  2. fictivite says:

    Yeah. Also, great free content makes it harder to be forgiving when you buy something from a company and it is less than stellar.

  3. Karlen says:

    Don’t forget to play sometimes. Changing gears is the best way to bring new content to the table as a DM. 😀

  4. fictivite says:

    I agree. There were 4 months between my last outing and the one before, and another 3 before that, and before THAT… well, I’m not sure. It is good to have some other people willing to run games.

    DMs are satisfied and fulfilled by different parts of the games than players, and as a designer, it’s good to touch base with the player side too!

  5. Reynaldo says:

    Mecha OSH? Color me interested. Any shows in paticular you are trying to emulate?

  6. fictivite says:

    I was intrigued by the Palladium stuff with various versions of Robotech and with Rifts. I’ve got passing experience with Battletech, Voltron, Gundam Wing, and Technoman. I was a big fan of Battle Angel Alita for a while. You know, bit of this, bit of that.

    I don’t love any particular expression enough to adopt it, but there are elements I do love, and I’ll be pulling in my favorite flavors to make something new enough.

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