Starting Fictive Hack: 30 minutes, go!

So just for fun, I took 30 minutes, this book, this randomizer, this name generator, and a Word document. I made an adventuring party of 4, and took their group adventuring motive and individual adventuring motives, and whipped up the bones of a starting scenario.

Adventure and party in 30 min

That’s how you do it, folks.

As a side note, one of the characters has a net +14 (adding all bonuses and penalties together.) Another character has a net -2. In some systems, this would be cause for outcry of unfairness, but it’s really balanced in Fictive Hack.

See, the talented character will have to strain to find ways to use Awesome Points. The character shafted by the dice, on the other hand, will be spending Awesome Points just to get through basic situations.

His natural talents are not likely to be enough to get him through most situations (except his high Awareness, which helps survive.) Combine those attributes with his profession as a (puny) fighter starting with Armor of Scars, and you immediately have some amusing role-playing ideas. He must get beat up–a lot. But he’s plucky. (I’d play him with an outrageous accent in hopes of getting more Awesome Points during the game.)

And his player will HAVE to be plucky–or amusing, at least. Because those Awesome Points gotta come in, and you’ve got to turn them right back around and send them out. Attributes are not that important (though I imagine this guy’s player would boost Brawn as quickly as possible so he could handle some weight; but maybe not, as being puny is a funny concept here.) However, with any assertiveness and creativity, this is a character likely to have lots of opportunity to spend Awesome Points–and that’s not a bad thing.

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