Generating Wizard Towers

Jack posted a cool wizard tower generator. My main changes: I randomized an unusual room feature to each area, and I gave each area 25% x 1d8 of a floor (between a quarter of a floor, and two full floors.) This generator is very cool!

Additional thoughts; maybe have ways for the generator to have levels in other dimensions, or underground; also, a way for it to have multiple widths below, on, or above the ground for a funky shape. As Cerebrus said in a TMNT comic once, “Wizards are partial to odd-shaped quarters.”

Without further ado, this is what I generated with his charts.

The Sorcerous Tower of Phoulotia

She is really into Things Man was Not Meant to Know. Her tower is foreboding with a storm continually raging over it. Her overall aesthetic style is neo-gothic. She is actually a minor goddess of magic with the propensity for turning her foes into swine.

Her tower has 4.5 levels. This includes:

  • Her private chambers; bedroom, kitchen, dining room, etc. All one color. (125%)
  • Her library. Unusually high ceiling. (150%)
  • Igor’schambers—manacles, rough clothes, foulness. Naked portrait of the wizard. (25%)
    • Mold Infection – Igor’s hump is really a symptom of an inner mold infection. If Igor takes any damage there is a 50% that his hump will explode into a cloud of mold spores (use the stats of a Gas Spore).

    Ritual chambers—incense, braziers, permanent summoning circle. Wall covered in runes. (150%)

Her defenses are crude mechanical traps. Mostly pots of boiling oil, with some deadweights. There is also a created monster guardian—a lovely pillar formed as a woman, deadly to intruders, who stands between the two front doors and slams them after thieves get in, guarding the exit with her life and letting the traps do their work.

Igor tends the pots and weights and boiling material, and in his spare time he fantasizes about Phoulotia and scratches at his hump.


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5 Responses to Generating Wizard Towers

  1. Karlen says:

    That’s pretty rad. Combined with several of the other Random adventure tools that have been collected it’s a valuable tool indeed.

  2. fictivite says:

    Jack does good work.

  3. E. Wilson says:

    I love a good set of random tables. These are perfect for a fun Old School Hack game.

  4. fictivite says:

    Especially when you start combining things. Whip up a wizard tower, 2 towns, a couple religious groups, and adventure elements. Then take a little time to weave it all together, and you’ve got a summer of gaming right there…

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