Axes and Anvils

Repeat after me: “Dwarves are not just for comic relief!”* In fact, dwarves can be right terrifying.

My very sensible wife has always preferred dwarves to elves. One of my gamers has an unhealthy attraction to playing Warhammer’s dwarf slayers. I get to trot out a couple of my favorite accents for dwarves.

I would LOVE to put more money into this Kickstarter, but all I can manage is the .pdf. Would I play the system? Unlikely, as I’ve got my plate full with 2 other systems. However, I’d love to get a look at the clan builder, the concepts in there… and this project will have a cookbook, dwarf songbook, and all kinds of other madness.

I want the book! No, the boxed set! Look at the cool rune stones! A DM screen!

Also, I really grok the concept of the clan almost as a character, and players able to come and go and make new characters all under the umbrella of furthering a clan that the players help shape.

…is it wrong that I looked at the miniatures and thought about how cool it would be to work them up for Arkham Horror, play Zombies!!! with them, and maybe send these dwarven killers after Dr. Lucky?** I don’t need them!

You’re almost out of time. Check this one out.

*This is not to say they can’t be funny, but dude; quit picking on Gimli.

**It’s that kind of thinking that led me to back the Weird West miniature project to get a single guy. Yeah, Abe will feature in all those settings.

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