Assignation: City on the Brink

Old School Hack recommends a generic fantasy setting, and that’s a fine thing. However, there are some DMs who don’t want to tap-dance that fast, for making up the village/city/town/region on the fly. Simple questions like “Where am I from?” must then either be made up by you, or made up by the player. While this is not always or entirely a bad thing, some starting DMs might want a little more structure and a setting ready to jump-start the “awesome.” (For a setting already set up and ready to flesh out, check out Kirin’s home game description.)

I have started work on “Assignation: City on the Brink” as a starting base for Fictive Hack or Old School Hack games. My focus is on creating reason and place for the base 7 templates, and some modest expansion in flexibility with training opportunities. I’m aiming for a 50 page book with general maps, location information, context, and stuff to do. This is in the Breathing World.

So, a DM could pick up Fictive Hack or Old School Hack, then download this book and have a location ready to go. I will make sure the various adventuring goals I created to start will all have a ready-made place they can get started in town, and there will be a lot of adventure available locally.

Elevator pitch: an ancient city grew up around the entrance to an underground goblin city. When the Firstborn Dragon of the Goddess of Monsters tore loose in this location, 3/4 of both was destroyed and a vast pit formed as it was driven back down to the lava. Centuries later, the city is thriving up in the mountain mists, but it is a dangerous place that needs heroes to maintain its existence.

Sounds fun, right?

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4 Responses to Assignation: City on the Brink

  1. E. Wilson says:

    I like the idea of an “elevator pitch” for a campaign world/setting. I tend to have so many ideas that I have difficulty getting the whole thing across in a succinct way that will express the essence of it while grabbing the players.

  2. fictivite says:

    Yeah, it helps to have a spine to attach all the limbs to.

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