“Strange Wealth.”

Over here, Jack Shear has some neat hauntings. One suggestion was that it would be useful to know what “strange wealth” an imprisoned undead might offer in exchange for freedom.

The original is a d8 chart, so this will be as well.

1. Necromancer’s Skull. A powerful necromancer is now incorporeal, impossible to destroy unless its skull (the last of its human remains) is smashed. Would you like to know where that skull is? Then you could rid the world of evil, or make it work for you–at least for a while.

2. Chill Breath. A kiss, deep and long, and the undead will connect your lungs to the ethereal plane to breathe ectoplasm. You will always breathe out wisps like steam in chill air, but constricting your throat or going underwater cannot deprive you of the “air” you need. Only an anti-magic space that seals portals can do that–but then you’ll die. You are also safe from the effects of negative life energy from now on.

3. Sack of Guilders. The undead became so, cursed, for betraying a good friend in exchange for money. This sack of golden guilders keeps the undead bound to this plane, and no matter how it is spent, it returns, and the weight is always with the bearer. Accept that weight, and you will have coin forever–as long as you live, and beyond.

4. Guilt Key. Traced in gold, yes, but it unlocks proof of the undead creature’s shame. Unlock the door, and you may keep what treasure you find–but the secret kept within will be known by the inheritor, as well, and the mind may not be able to bear such things.

5. Moonlit Beauty. You will always appear young and attractive, except in moonlight, which will reveal your true form as you age and wither.

6. Truthsome Kiss. Anyone you kiss loses the ability to lie to you, forever. The kiss must be consensual, and lips only still allows for misdirection.

7. Eye Pits. Allow the undead to gouge out your eyes, and (it claims) you will then be able to see in the dark, and see the invisible [up to 10 feet away per level]. Pinpoints of hellfire will hang in your black, empty sockets. Also, undead of up to your level will not attack you unless forced to; in your eyes, they’ll see home.

8. Deathless. The undead thing will steal your death from you, and use it to escape. You will no longer age. If you are killed by normal means, you’ll rise restless until you find a death of your own.

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