Rethinking the Wizard Tower generator.

I really like Jack Shear‘s wizard tower generator, and I used it to make the 3 wizard towers I plan to have in Assignation. However, in using it, I think I’m going to modify it to be smoother, faster, expanded, and more user-friendly. Now all you’d need are 2d10. Here’s my rough thinking.


  • Name. 2D10. Break it out for 9 male, 9 female, and 1 androgynous.
  • Really into: 2d10.
  • Aesthetic style: 1d10.
  • Approachability: 1d10.
    • 2d10 peeves. 2d10 weaknesses (things the wizard likes.) How many of each generated by approachability, if they come into play at all.
  • Literary Wizard rip-off: 2d10.
  • Optional: Fictive Hack, have 5+2d10 levels. (Even if you don’t flesh the levels out, you get a sense of power and scope.)


  • Name of building: 2D10 for adjective, 2d10 for noun.
  • Foreboding Aspect: 2d10.
  • Location relative to civilization: 2d10.
  • Levels: 2 default elements, and 2d5 more.
    • Per element: 3d10 for type. 1d10 25% of a level area. 2d10 features.
      • Sub-tables: Igor. Haunting. Spell mishap. Mutations. Apprentice (can show up in element, generate number and then 1 roll each for main feature).
  • Primary Protection: 2d10. Subtype: 1d10.
  • Secondary Protection: 2d10. Subtype: 1d10.
  • Famous Treasure [1d5-3]: 2d10.
    • Defense: 1d10 per treasure.
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