Ladyhawke’s Conclusion, and the Combat Round in OSH

DM: So it looks like she broke the evil cleric’s curse.

Rutger: Awesome. ::gives Michelle an Awesome Point:: I’m gonna pray with my sword.

Michelle: That’s cool. Hey honey, let’s blow this joint.

DM: Oh no! The bishop rises up with his staff–it has a blade, it’s a reach weapon! You are in a combat round! He’s gonna stab Isabeau in the back!

Rutger: Okay, I”m going with defend.

Michelle: Uh, if you do that, and if I know my bad guy playbook, he’s gonna rabbit. And we’ll have to go after him.

Rutger: Good point. But I don’t want to be in the same round and risk losing initiative. I mean, you’re a freakin minion, you’ve got one wound. This could be all over.

Michelle: I’m going to move–then I’ll go before he does and be out of harm’s way.

DM: ::feeds the Bowl a handful of Awesome Points:: You don’t realize the bishop is targeting you!

Michelle: Well at least give me an Awareness test.

DM: Roll it. Difficulty 10.

Michelle: ::rolls:: Wow. A 1.

Rutger: Good quick thinking, asking for a roll. ::gives Awesome Point::

Michelle: Yeah, that’s not gonna do it…

Rutger: You know what, don’t worry about it. I’m gonna throw my heavy weapon at him. At the bishop. Right in his stupid face. He’s not a character, right? I mean, he’s a desk jockey. Probably no more than 2 Wounds.

DM: Huh. That will take an Awesome Point, since it’s not a range weapon but he’s in the same arena.

Rutger: ::hands an Awesome Point over:: Okay, so since range goes before combat, let’s do this thing. ::rolls to hit:: Yeah. That’s 14. That should pin his un-armored ass to something.

DM: The altar, actually.

Rutger: Cool. Suck it, evil bishop. Hey baby. Let’s roll.

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