So Paul Hughes released “Paul’s DM Notebook” as an incentive with the Random Dungeon Generator poster some time back. One of the creatures in his notebook, more representing a play style than a collection of crunch, is a “ratling.”

Here he discusses a sample of ratling “antics.” The discussion in the DM book is the sort of thing you read aloud to your friends, ideally while they’re trying to eat or drink. That way they fall prey to the unexpected snort, and aspirate their nourishment.

In honor of the ignoble ratling, I’ve put together a template so you can play them in Fictive Hack.


From the notebook: “A…ratling…might have an 18 wisdom for mechanical purposes, but he will still be bewildered by the idea that his actions have consequences. If presented with a foolish plan, a low-wisdom ratling will accept it immediately; a high-wisdom ratling will think for a minute and then suggest a ridiculous modification.”

The headings to describe ratlings: For ratlings, wisdom is always a dump stat. Ratlings like every plan. Ratlings are ruled by their appetites. Ratlings are instigators. Ratlings live in sewers or in manors. Ratlings worship a god who may not exist.

I think that’s a good picture of what this class is going for. And why it’s generally suggested for one-shots…

These creatures will be indigenous to the Iron Principalities. I’m still working out how prevalent they will be. They are a profound influence for chaos.

Closing thought from Paul: “Play a ratling if you want to act first and think later (or not at all), or come up with a plan that involves rolling around in the butter dish.”

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3 Responses to Ratlings.

  1. fictivite says:

    I have decided they are too much for the World Between. I have no such reservations about the Breathing World, however. =)

  2. Tim D. says:

    I did the same Kickstarter. The posters are cool, but I liked his campaign writings even more.

  3. fictivite says:

    Yeah. I’m eager to get the scenario book and all that. I mean, the poster is great, but for what I do, I’ll use the other materials way more.

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