Thief: The Hack Project

Here is a complete role playing game that is a glorious mash-up of the “Thief” franchise and Fictive Hack.

Rules are included for stealth and evasion–Fictive Hack style. There is a simple, player collaborative terror, horror, and madness system. Most of the rule sets fit on a single page each. A depth of character generation has been added with backgrounds and codes of honor or belief systems.

The most daring change is that player characters start the game with just 1 Wound. A Wound is “the amount of damage a person can take before they can’t fight anymore.” Characters aren’t automatically tougher than everybody else.

I can do this because the game is not driven by confronting and slaying monsters. It is a more picaresque game. Also, with parrying weapons and the adapted reach weapons, you can make yourself harder to hit. You aren’t penalized as “messed up” unless you have 0 Wounds and also roll to be crippled or dying–if knocked out, you can pop right back up when you regain consciousness, in the best cinematic tradition. And don’t forget Awesome Points for reducing damage by 1 Wound. If you plan to get in a fight, armor is probably your friend.

If you want a tough-guy fighter, you can always start with a fighter and an opening talent of “Armor of Scars” and bam! You have 3 Wounds! Also, for any character with +1 Brawn or more, you can give up a talent and attribute point upon leveling and add a Wound. You can do this once per positive Brawn you have, so a character could eventually add 8 Wounds if that seemed best.

I love the Thief games. So much so, this is the fourth game system I’ve converted it to. First, D&D 3.x. Then, Warhammer. Then, Masks (my home system.) Now, Fictive Hack. The difference is, this is the first time I share it so broadly.

I’ll be unpacking some of the contents of this .pdf in upcoming posts. Read and enjoy! If you try it out, I’d love to hear about it. And if you’re a Thief fan, let me know! There aren’t enough of us.

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