Thief: What is a Party to Do?

The “Thief” games are single-player, best suited for stealth. Most role playing games involve groups. Here are some ideas for how to do a game in the “Thief” world with a group.

Noble Politics. Characters are nobles, or serve nobles. As they work for their patron’s best interests they are pulled into a murky world where family allegiances tie back into supernatural allegiance.

Fight the Faction. A radical subgroup rises and threatens the balance. Suppress it before its master plan is implemented, likely with widespread death and chaos (no matter which faction.) Nobles might plan a bloody coup followed by military rule, pagans may plan to moss-bomb the city, hammers might be gaining steam for an inquisition, keepers may be trying to get at dangerous lore hidden long ago for good reason, etc.

Strange Balance. A keeper PC is on the edge of going rogue, trying to gather a group that can actively work at the balance more forcefully than the nudges and breaths the keepers exert on the scales. Whether this is a good idea or not, desperate times and wild imbalance call for new approaches. So much the better of this “task force” can bring balance when representing various opposed factions.

Detectives. Characters are with the town guard, solving a string of crimes that point towards something bigger (covered up by powerful forces) that could be a real problem. They must befriend and/or cross various factions to get at the truth of what is going on.

Crime Pays. Working with guilds and fences and corrupt guards, a band of criminals scrapes out a living in the city—until they brush against something big enough that those behind it want them dead. Or, until they are hired on by a shadowy figure who gives them juicy scores. Then they begin to see a pattern behind the work. Or, they are sent to assassinate someone who manages to plead with them, and has a weird story to tell about why people want him shut up.

Just One Player

Give 3 starting Awesome Points for taking an adventuring motive, and 6 for taking a dark secret. Give more for character sketches, back story, bringing snacks, or whatever effort went into preparing. During play, any time the DM would normally put points in the Bowl, the DM gives points to the player. This is not as fun as having a group giving each other Awesome Points, but it allows for solo missions.

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