The Oak Door artwork.

Continuing from Monday, here is more art for “The Mirrored Hall.”

In Simon Forster’s “Mirrored Hall” scenario set, there is a door. I quote:

Out in the wilderness is a large stone door, the likeness of a many-branched oak tree carved into the grey granite. Holes to either side hold thick stone rods that
can be grasped to push the great door open; and it always opens, even for the weakest of men.

Ask anyone and they will point you to the Twisted Crags, the mountain range on the edge of the land, where the true wilderness holds sway and repels those who seek to tame it.

“Follow the red path through the hills,” an innkeeper might say. “It’s easy to find: a natural path stained red from the blood of giants that were slain by dwarf-axe and elf-spear in the days before man took the land. You’ll come to the door soon enough.”

“Reach into them there holes,” an old, peg-legged dwarf might tell you, “and hold on tight. Push and the door shall open. They tell me even a child can shift that heavy stone; maybe a halfling too!”

Follow their directions, and sure enough, after a day’s hiking, the stone door stands out beneath a lip of rock dyed a deep, dark red by the blood-letting of centuries past.

And through the door lies the hall of mirrors…

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