Kender Template

So here we go with a Kender template… Kender


Kender look like elfin children who favor topknots. They are full of sayings. Like, “A house is a place to see when you’re at home on the road,” and “Money is for those who haven’t got a sense of humor.”

 Attribute Maximums














You cannot be intimidated with non-magical means. If you are intimidated using magical means, and get a roll, then you count as rolling a 10. If there is an effect that automatically works against you, it doesn’t, unless the DM gives you up to 3 Awesome Points.

 Limitation—Short, Size and Attention Span

Worse than size alone, the chipper enthusiasm and wonder of your people get you stereotyped as childish. You can focus when it’s important. The thing is, it is so seldom important…

  • You can carry 2 fewer loads than your Brawn.

 Signature Items: Outfit with pouches, brightly colored leggings, a hoopak (staff with a sling built into the top, can act as reach and ranged weapon and also be twirled to make an undulating whistle). Starting Coin: 3d10 silver.


Disarming Charm.** Constant. When someone is angry with you, prattle an explanation for how it happened (shading and bending the truth where necessary) or offer your best cute expression. NPCs must then relent and lose their anger with you, unless they spend up to 3 Awesome Points (that you get.) PCs can be as angry as they want, so you better back this up with some eyelash batting.

Duck!** Arena. You can spend 1 Awesome Point to reduce an incoming attack roll by 2.

Idle Hands.** Constant. When you leave a place, you usually take some of it with you. Test Cunning—the result is the value of what you lifted from the place you just left. It can be in copper, silver, or gold, depending on the surroundings. If objects are more appropriate, you’ve got 1d5. To avoid accidentally wandering off with valuables, spend 1 Awesome Point (before rolling value) and tell the DM you behaved yourself. The DM can feed the Bowl to have victims notice the theft.

Nimble and Brazen.** Constant. Your fearlessness has escalated to getting in the way of danger. Count as rolling a 10 on Daring for climbing, impeding or escaping impediment, and reflex rolls.

Pouch Expert.** Constant. You carry lots of small things that interest you. You also cultivate a collection, like a hobby; this can be maps, keys, odd coins, marbles, or some other relatively common type of object. You can carry a load of stuff in these pouches without counting towards encumbrance, distributed all over your small frame. For this purpose, you get 1 free Awesome Point per your level to spend per session producing stuff from your pouches.

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