Secret Santicore is Live!

Seriously, go put in for something. This effort is extraordinarily cool. You have until the 14th.

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4 Responses to Secret Santicore is Live!

  1. This is my first encounter of the secret Santicore. So I’ve done the decent thing and joined in. Thanks for the link…

  2. fictivite says:

    You are welcome. Last year I found out about it when it was finished. I highly recommend looking at last year’s Secret Santicore. I found some great stuff in it–more than I think you could use in a decade of gaming. It’s like a spice rack of goodness.

  3. E. Wilson says:

    I signed up right away. The one from last year is just packed with way cool stuff. I’m slightly worried about randomly being handed something to work on, but it’ll probably work out.

  4. fictivite says:

    Good on ya! I wouldn’t worry too much. I mean, if you get a stumper, you have ready access to the internet and can always crowdsource to help get your juices flowing.

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