Fictive Hack Mages

So mages are different than wizards. I wanted to see what it would look like to try to get closer to the D&D wizard in Old School Hack. Rather than re-tool my wizards, I made up some mages. I think I’m going to swap out wizards in the World Between and substitute mages.

Here is the .pdf with the whole shebang in it. Mage

In my survey (with six participants) I learned that people want to see the information that is in the .pdfs out on the blog as well. So, this week we will unpack that .pdf into my blogspace. Here we go! First, the template.


The Mage is a student of the arcane, aligned with white (good), red (neutral), or the dreaded black robes.

Inherent—Arcane Fuel
Magic requires fuel. When you study your spellbook once between periods of at least six hours of rest, you get 1 Awesome Point per your level that can only be used for spellcasting that day (it does not accumulate over time). Also, if you run out of Awesome Points, as a focus action you can burn 1 Wound to gain 3 more.

Limitation—Unhampered Movement
This limitation has an effect on the game rules! If you wear armor, it restricts the flow of energy through and around you for casting spells. Add 1 Awesome Point cost that does not count towards leveling, per maximum soak of your armor, for each spell cast.

Signature Items: Spell book with 5 spells (not including 5 base spells). Starting Coin: 3d10 gold x5.

Talents (The base 5 talents do not require components to cast.)

  • Arcane Protection.** Rested. Focus action. Foes are -3 to hit you for an hour. This protection can be sacrificed to reduce incoming damage by 1 Wound. This stacks with armor. This spell only works on the caster. When this spell is active, you do not get 2 Awesome Points for fighting without armor.
  • Counter-Spell.** Rested. Cast during the defend/protect phase, this spell allows you to intercept any magic cast in your arena or an adjacent arena. Both the one you intercept and you roll 1d10 and add your level to the roll. On a tie, they cancel each other out. If you get a higher success, the spell is cancelled and the other spellcaster takes 1 Wound. If you lose, the spell works and you take 1 Wound.
  • Detect Magic.** Rested. Focus action. Detect any enchantments or magical influences in your arena. Get a general sense of the kind of enchantment; divine, arcane, innate, extradimensional, and so on. This spell gives no information on whether it is dangerous or helpful, or what the enchantment does. You can choose to reveal magic to your eyes only, or make the objects stand out to everyone.
  • Mystic Attack.** Arena. During the Shoot phase, attack any target you can see in your arena or an adjacent arena. Attack with 1d10+Level to hit, inflicting 1 Wound.
  • Read Magic.** Rested. Focus action. Read and/or use texts written in the language of magic. Lasts about an hour.


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