Fictive Hack: Mage Spells Part 1

Starts with “2” because you can randomize on 2d10.

2. Control Portal. Rested. Focus action. (Upgrades to “shoot” action.) You focus on a lock or barrier. You reduce its effectiveness by 1 difficulty per level, or count 5 successes on a Brawn test per level, or a combination of the two. Also, you can spend 1 Awesome Point for an additional level or +2 Brawn. This can be used to bolster or reduce a portal. If bolstering, the spell lasts 1 round per your level, +1 round per additional Awesome Point spent. Component: a hinge. REUSEABLE.

3. Deadly Grip. Rested. Combat action. (Upgrades to “shoot” action.) This can be used on those within melee range, or as a range attack against those in the same arena. The spell can manifest as fire or lightning. The spell has no default Wounds, but can inflict 1 Wound per Awesome Point you spend (up to ½ your level.) These Wounds can be spread between targets as you please, as long as you have clear line of sight. Your “to hit” roll is 10 + your level, for getting around armor. Component: a smear of an enemy’s blood on your hand.

4. Enchanted Closet. Rested. Focus action (upgrades to a “move” action). You create an otherdimensional space that can weightlessly hold 1 load per your level. Upon leveling (usually the same level you acquire this spell) you infuse an object with access to this space. Generally, the maximum mouth of the object is equivalent to a handsbreadth per level. Upon leveling further, you can create more entrances to this otherdimensional space. (For example, you could infuse a bag, and infuse a chest in your chambers, instructing your servants to empty the space once a day into your secure quarters.) The space cannot be opened from inside. Component: infused objects. REUSEABLE.

5. Escape. Rested. Defend action. Vanish in a flash and puff, appearing in the presence of your Heart Gem. You can use this on the same dimension only (unless you upgrade the talent for multi-dimensional escape.) The gem must be worth 1,000 gold per your level; if it is not expensive enough, you take 1 Wound for each gap point upon returning. It takes a week of dedicated spellcasting to connect yourself to a Heart Gem. You can only connect to a new one if the old one is destroyed, or if you level past its capacity. Masters often gift outgrown Heart Gems to their favored pupils. Component: a Heart Gem. REUSEABLE.

6. Fireball. Rested. Focus action (upgrades to “shoot” action). Grow a ball of flame in your hand and throw it up to 3 arenas away. It then explodes, inflicting 1 Wound on everyone in that arena. You can increase the damage by up to ½ your level at the cost of 2 Awesome Points per additional Wound. Those who can escape the arena can test Daring difficulty [10 + your level] to take ½ damage (round down.) Component: Tiny ball of bat guano and sulfur, genesis of the fire, consumed when thrown.

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