Fictive Hack: Mage Spells Part 2

7. Flesh Armor. Rested. Focus action (upgrades to “shoot” action). Arcane symbols suffuse your body. You ignore the first Wound inflicted by any attack. This lasts until you have ignored one Wound per your level, or for 1 hour. Component: a shard of metal that pierces your skin. REUSEABLE.

8. Identify. Rested. This ritual takes 1 hour to cast, and must be uninterrupted. Choose an effect to activate at the end of the spell. You can: learn the command word, discover whether the object is cursed or has an intellect or is merely a tool and who can use it, discover its basic powers, and check to see if there is something beyond basic powers. Component: a gem of any kind. Its value decreases by 10 gold per use. Mages often charge 50 gold per use of the spell, for customers, and 20 for friends.

9. Invisibility. Rested. Focus action (upgrades to “move” action.) The spell lasts 1 minute per your level. You can cast it on anyone you touch, or yourself. The target becomes invisible, but not inaudible or incorporeal. The target can still be smelled, still leaves footprints, and so on. Any objects held when the spell are cast are invisible, but objects picked up are visible. They can be put in clothes or pouches and then are invisible. Anything dropped or trailing outside the arena become visible. Light is visible, though its source is not. Attacking breaks the spell. Those attacking an invisible target have a penalty to hit, between -4 and -10. The target can spend 1 Awesome Point to add Cunning to Armor Class through tricky moving while invisible. Component: an eyelash in something sticky.

10. Knockout. Rested. Focus action. Target creatures in your arena or an adjacent arena, but only one arena can be targeted. Knock out a number of Wounds equal to [your Level + Commitment]. You can start with the lowest Wounds and work your way up, or the highest Wounds down, but the DM picks the actual targets that succumb. Targets can shrug off the effects by testing Commitment, difficulty [10 + your level]. Component: handful of sand. As you cast most of it dissolves, sifting down.

11. Light. Rested. Focus action. Enchant an object to glow as bright as a torch, or a floating ball that stays within arm’s reach of a target. When casting, choose whether it will last for an hour, or as long as it is in your presence. You, or the one holding the light, can cause it to glow brighter for a round, or to dim down to candlelight. Component: a pinch of luminescent lichen, or a candle stub.

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